The New MySpace: First Impressions

I received my invite to be one of the first to use the new MySpace today. Here are my experiences with it so far:

I tried signing up via my mobile as this is where I first saw the invite email. Unfortunately no sign up process is allowed with mobile devices. Bad move in my book, any new social network needs to be mobile compatible for every step these days in my opinion.

After cooking myself some dinner I grabbed my laptop and began the sign up process. Interestingly enough you can sign up using other social networks (Facebook & Twitter) as well as using your original MySpace login (I had deleted mine so opted for the normal email address sign up process). Facebook and Twitter are here to stay and its great to see MySpace recognise this (a lesson for Google+ perhaps?)

Join the new myspace facebook twitter

I was then presented with a screen asking which options I identify with most. This I can only assume at this stage is to help suggest people/brands/bands to follow or to help them set up their profile dependent on the user-type they are. At the bottom of the screen there is a navigation bar which includes a music player. Music is obviously still one of the key focuses of this social network.

new myspace identification options

new myspace navigation bar

Next I am asked to create my profile and fill in profile information (the location was way off, I’m in the inner west of Sydney).

fill out new myspace profile info

With my profile set up now complete I’m suggested to work out who to follow (people or bands).

new myspace

The new design is very sleek and seems to be a hybrid of Spotify, and Facebook in terms of connecting with people and musicians, artists similar to them and creating playlists to share with your friends. Some profile customisation is permitted but the haphazard mess that was the old MySpace is definitely long gone. Great to see the design is left to designers and not someone Googling HTML codes with no understanding of what good design is.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with what they’ve done but whether people and bands will flock back to this social network we’ll need to wait and see. Given how entrenched Facebook now is and the plethora of music (Spotify) and band-related promotional apps (Bandcamp) I’m not sure how successful this will be, but let’s wait and see shall we?