Some interesting new mobile-based social networks

Here are some interesting new social networks I’ve come across recently I think are worth checking out:


thumb social media

This great little app allows you to crowdsource opinions on just about any topic or question you can think of. Simply ask your question, add a photo and upload it to the network and you instantly have hundreds of people agreeing (thumbs-up), disagreeing (thumbs-down) and adding comments about whatever you’re asking. This is a great little community where no one is afraid to give their opinion. Great for life’s big questions or settling an argument with a mate at the pub.



eyeem social media

One of the latest Instagram alternatives. While this doesn’t have the user base Instagram does, the functionality of the app and the beefed up discovery function makes this a true contender for those who no longer wish to be a part of a photo sharing app owned by Facebook. You can view different filters and frames on the images on your screen before you take the photo, and the various ways you can discover new content and users is great (location, restaurants near you, people near you, events near you and more).

Definitely one to check out:




I was put onto this by Tom Phillips. This is essentially Instagram with animated gifs. There are some very cool, weird and wacky uploads on this social network. Again, the user base is relatively small at this stage and it sucks your phone’s battery life, but it can be a hell of a lot of fun. Check it out.