The Importance of Educating Your Clients

Educate your client. Teach them what you know.

“But why would I do that?” I hear you ask.

“Why would they pay me to do what I do for them if they have the knowledge to do it themselves?”

Educating your client is one of the most important things you can do as a service provider in any discipline, but especially so when it comes to just about any digital discipline. Social media, SEO, web development and just about anything in digital marketing are all very specific skill sets which most people do not possess. Especially not your client, which is why they hired you in the first place.

If you’ve ever worked with a client to who all this type of work is very new to, then you know it can be a very difficult process at the beginning while they try to get their heads around what you actually do, and the impact it has on them and their business. This initial education is obviously necessary to help the client buy into the services they are buying from you. But don’t stop there. Continue educating them past this basic level of knowledge.

Not only will they trust you more as you divulge industry ‘secrets’ to them, but you also show them that you are completely up to date with any new technological developments and have even thought about how this will impact their business and provide recommendations on this. Teach them what you know and explain your reasoning for your recommendations. While some topics may be too involved for them to fully understand (let’s face it, they don’t need to fully understand it, that’s what they pay you for) at least give them the Cliff Notes. It will keep them interested in the work you do for them, show you understand their business and are always on the lookout for new ways to improve it, and in turn this will increase the likelihood of them keeping your services.

Educating your clients also makes it easier for you to sell new ideas and strategies to them. It is up to you as the service provider to ensure you and your client are on the same page so you can do the great work you want to do while meeting the business needs of your client. Your client will appreciate this effort and the process of you both learning and developing together in your work is a great bonding experience for you both, further cementing that relationship which will hopefully mean continued business.

Educate your client.