Thoughts on Being a Change Agent

change agent

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I remember a number of classes back at university which were centred around being a change agent within an organisation and all the difficulties & best practices around such a role. At the time I never thought I would need to bother using any of what we were being taught anywhere in the next 5-10 years at least.

Now, here I find myself at a stage much earlier in my career than I anticipated, acting as a change agent within the Oceania part one of the world’s largest companies.

Here are some thoughts & learnings I have gathered acting as a change agent:

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Seeding a TVC online? Challenge your agency!

seed tvc online

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This year I have seen all too many brands across a range of industries allocate huge budgets to seeding TVCs online, mostly in the form of YouTube pre-roll ad units.

Makes sense, right? Spend a lot on making the TVC, buy placements during My Kitchen Rules and The Voice, so why not add to this and seed it out online on YouTube, one of the most visited websites there is?


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The New MySpace: First Impressions

I received my invite to be one of the first to use the new MySpace today. Here are my experiences with it so far:

I tried signing up via my mobile as this is where I first saw the invite email. Unfortunately no sign up process is allowed with mobile devices. Bad move in my book, any new social network needs to be mobile compatible for every step these days in my opinion.

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Stop Complaining about the Change to Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm

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“The only constant is change.” – Heraclitus

After Facebook’s recent change to their EdgeRank algorithm the social media industry has been up in arms. I don’t understand why. In deciding to enter this industry, social media professionals should be the type of person to embrace change, work out what it means for them and adapt. Not only is digital a fast changing space anyway, but when your job is based on using platforms owned by other people you need to play by their rules.

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The Rise of the Niche Social Network

rise of niche social networks

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There is a shift taking place in the world of social networks online. While the media hasn’t been around in the mainstream for long online in the form of MySpace, Twitter and Facebook, we are seeing a significant change in people’s behaviours around how they use these networks (or stop using them) and their adoption of newer, niche social networks.

Facebook and MySpace allowed people to connect in a public manner online in a way where they could share many types of media with each other – text-based status updates, photos, links, videos and more. These networks serve as an all purpose place to share things which represent who you are or tell your life’s story in a way you want your peers to see you.

As we progress in our use of online social networks a shift is occurring where people are gathering to niche services such as Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Branch and more which serve one specific need whether it be intelligent discussion or imagery in a social way, allowing people to comment, Like, share, repin and other online social actions around these niche areas of human connection and interest.

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Facebook Paid Media and Engagement

facebook paid media and engagement

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Many a time I have encountered arguments between social media professionals around the topic of engagement and complaints that the public metrics of a Facebook page are heavily influenced by a brand’s media spend, and if this constitutes as a ‘true’ measure of engagement.

While I can see why this topic is a constant source of discussion, I think we all need to take a step back and look at Facebook as a platform and a business. Facebook recently went public and is now responsible to its shareholders in providing a return on their investment in the business.

Understanding where Facebook is coming from in the changes it brings to its platform and the functionalities within it are now all coming from a direction which ideally (for them) will result in a profit for its investors, and this needs to come from advertising.

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