The Overview Effect

Great little doco on the profound shift in perception astronauts undergo when they see the Earth from space. Its amazing how experiences can so drastically alter how people see the world.

Perception is reality after all.


Great mini-doco on the design process

If only account people and clients knew what went into their work


The single most important thing to look for in a job

There are many things to take into account when looking for a place to work – the role, workplace culture, pay, clients, perks, workplace environment, location and more. The most important thing, though, are your values and those of the employer.

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On briefs

The brief. Something agency life revolves around yet no one can seem to get right. Check out this great little documentary on briefs.


Know the personalities you work with

One of the things everyone runs into more and more as they climb the ladder within a workplace is the ever increasing amount of people you need to deal with. You could know your craft better than anyone, but if you can’t start taking all these peoples’ personalities and ways of working into account that rise to the top may end a lot sooner than you think.

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Understanding the concept of Face in Asia

Late last year I took the plunge and moved to Asia to head Weber Shandwick’s content and digital operations in its Singapore office. Working in Asia is very different to Australia – there’s more a bubble tea culture than coffee culture, most people speak English in business but having team members who know the local languages are essential, understanding the various types of Chinese (spoken – Manarin, Cantonese vs written – traditntal, simplified) and the countries each is used (Hong Kong, Taiwan and China are all different in this respect), however the biggest difference I have encountered is that of Face.

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Thoughts on Being a Change Agent

I remember a number of classes back at university which were centred around being a change agent within an organisation and all the difficulties & best practices around such a role. At the time I never thought I would need to bother using any of what we were being taught anywhere in the next 5-10 years at least.

Now, here I find myself at a stage much earlier in my career than I anticipated, acting as a change agent within the Oceania part one of the world’s largest companies.

Here are some thoughts & learnings I have gathered acting as a change agent:

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Seeding a TVC online? Challenge your agency!

This year I have seen all too many brands across a range of industries allocate huge budgets to seeding TVCs online, mostly in the form of YouTube pre-roll ad units.

Makes sense, right? Spend a lot on making the TVC, buy placements during My Kitchen Rules and The Voice, so why not add to this and seed it out online on YouTube, one of the most visited websites there is?


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